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45cm Massage Roller Soft Block Yoga Column

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Our Soft Block Yoga Column medium-density muscle roller is very comfortable to use easy for beginners to use, but can still effectively penetrate the soft tissue layer of tired muscles. Soft enough to be used in pain caused by lower back injuries, sciatica, and plantar fasciitis. It is loved by runners, fitness athletes, yoga and Pilates students, swimmers, physical or sports therapy patients, and assists those who perform general fitness exercises. It's Very suitable for the arch of the foot, any part of the upper limbs

The 45CM Massage Roller high-quality foam rollers are very suitable for physical therapy, yoga before and after yoga, trigger point massage, stretching exercises, very suitable for daily use. One of the best recovery tools can treat muscle pain and improve performance and flexibility. Rolling before and after exercise is part of a good stretch. Increase blood flow to the massage area, flush away stored lactic acid.


  • Product name: EVA yoga column
  • Product size: length 45 cm, diameter 14 cm
  • Product color: purple-blue black pink
  • Applicable scenes: running sports, fitness equipment, health massage, fitness and bodybuilding, dance sports

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Absolutely love the new yoga collection! Ordered 2 pairs of leggings and now I workout in style!

Emma H.

New favorite place to shop online. I can find anything sports and outdoors related here. Will order again!

Stephanie B.